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Welcome to the Soi Dog Supporters News ...( October, 2012) We try to produce this newsletter with happier stories. However due to the desperate situation at Thong Pha Pum sadly this isssue contains our plea for help. Please visit our website for more information & how you can help us end this horrific "Trade of Shame" . John & Gill x

You helped rescue "Sea Lion"

You may remember seeing "Sea Lion" on John Dalley's recent mailout. - this is his story below. Sea Lion has hope & undoubtedly has a future ahead of him, but his friends are not so lucky.

Sea Lion was born at the Kanchanaburi shelter, known as Thong Pa Pum. His pregnant mother arrived here after being snatched from the streets, thrown on the back of a truck & crammed into a tiny cage with several hundred other dogs. All these dogs were destined for an horrific, painful death only to end up as food in a Vietnamese restaurant. Sea Lion & his sister were born shortly after their mother was rescued & brought to Thong Pa Pum. His mother's poor health, insufficient nutrition and lack of calcium resulted in Sea Lion being born permanently deformed and he cannot bend his hind legs. He has been taken to Bangkok in the hope of finding him a home.

Two weeks ago Soi dog respresentatives - John, Leonard, Khun Toom, Khun Toon, Cindy & Derek visited the 4 shelters in Northern Thailand, all housing dogs rescued from this illegal trade. These dogs have feelings the same as we do and unlike the other centers we visited where at least the majority of dogs are excited to see us, at Thong Pha Phum the dogs appear to have given up and simply lie there, clearly depressed as if knowing their fate. The situation at Thong Pa Phum is now desperate & your help is needed to save these dogs.

The sad faces of Thong Pha Pum. These dogs have given up hope -
they survived the meat trade but are fast losing the will to live.

Please watch the VIDEO of Sea Lion, just moments after we found him.

At present the dogs at Thong Pa Phum have no future & urgently need your help to stay alive. They need food, shelter, medical care & a reason to live.

They cannot survive without your help. Money is desperately needed.

Please help them live & let them smile again.

Find out more about the Thong Pa Phum Shelter & how you can help

A quick note to all members of Soi Dog's Dog and Cat Sponsors Club: We had intended to send you an update this month on your sponsored dogs and cats. However the urgent matter of providing emergency relief for the 4 shelters where the dogs rescued from the meat trade are being cared for has delayed us - our apologies. BUT - do expect a special email from your sponsored dogs and cats in December.

Dr Su visits USA...
Soi Dog's head veterinary surgeon undertakes training in Miami, Florida.
Dr Su learns new skills in the USA

Soi Dog's very own Dr. Su has just returned from 2 weeks in USA training in several veterinary fields such as traditional and Digital X-ray, Dental Procedures, Sterilization and Tumor surgery. She also explored and learned about holistic medicine including Acupuncture, Laser and Homeopathic Medicine at Miami's Ludlam-Dixie Animal Clinic. 

Soi Dog USA wants to thank Dr. Robert Ferran for his time and sharing his 20+ years of experience with Dr Su.  Dr Ferran will follow up with Dr Su in Thailand on new techniques and treatments for specific dogs in need. 

Dr. Su also hosted a Fund Raiser event in Miami where several thousands of dollars were raised and multiple supporters offered their help and contacts to help stop the dog meat trade. Supporters were very happy to get a little bit of Thailand while taking pictures and personally thanked Dr. Su for her efforts and hard work at the shelter. 

This was the first time Dr Su has visited the USA and she enjoyed meeting new friends and supporters. All expenses of Dr. Su trip were fully donated by Soi Dog USA Romina and Marcelo Cacciola. 

Finally when Dr. Su was asked to rank Thai food in US from one to 10, she said: A very small 5.

USA will miss Dr. Su and her incredible passion and enthusiasm.

Meet some of our smallest residents...

This month we visit our new SMALL DOG RUN...

This run was recently completed to house some of our smaller dogs who are not suitable to place with our larger dogs. There are some real cuties in here, let's meet them....Aurora, Buck, Noonim, Lucky, O-Ching & Mayo, GoGo & Sookie.


View the SMALL DOG Slideshow HERE

First there's the lovely Aurora & her brother Buck. Both came as tiny pups still feeding off their mother. They are both a little shy, but gaining confidence daily. A newcomer to the bunch is the tiny poodle Noonim, the smallest dog in the shelter. She has limited sight in one eye & is a real heart breaker.

Mayo has spent her whole life at the shelter & is also one of our smallest dogs. Recently she's become very friendly with people & now enjoys lots of attention.

There are 2 lucky little dogs in this run who have been adopted & awaiting flights - GoGo & Sookie. Sookie has grown up here & is little sweetheart, Gogo arrived with a maggot infested eye wound which has now healed nicely. They are both off to new homes in the USA very soon.

Lucky recently moved to the small dog run after being picked on by the bigger dogs in her old run. She's much happier in with the little guys & loves cuddles from volunteers.

O-Ching is they shyest of the bunch. She started off very skinny & we thought she would not survive. She needs more socialising to gain confidence & then we can hopefully find her a home too.

If you visit the shelter, come & say hello to our little guys & gals. They are sure to steal your heart.


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Meet the Soi Dog Staff
Meet Khun Al... our DIY superman

Khun Al works ... works on our Disabled Dog Run

Some guys are handy, but Khun Al is a DIY superman. Many of the runs & structures you see around the Soi Dog shelter have been built by Khun Al. He designs, builds & maintains our shelter grounds & quite frankly, we don't know how we'd cope without his wonderful DIY skills.

Al can operate all machinery & works tirlessly on all his projects in the hot, humid Thailand temperatures.

Khun Al was recently project manager on our new Disabled & Small Dog Runs which are now complete. He also attends to any repairs & maintenance around the shelter including structural work, drainage, metal work & carpentry.

His most recent project was a floating duck house.

Khun Al has worked for Soi Dog for 4 years now. He told us he likes the shelter to look its best & be as functional as he can make it. He loves animals & wants to do everything he can to help them.

Another dedicated, hard working staff member, Khun Al is never idle, he's always hard at work somewhere on the shelter grounds.

Recent Adoptions
Tweedle Dum loves her new mum
Tweedle Dum (now Bambi) on her first camping trip

Tweedle Dum was one of the first dogs rescued from the Illegal Dog Meat Trade. She spent several months at the Soi Dog shelter in Phuket until Anja sent us an email from Germany, desperately wanting to adopt this sweet girl.

"Every time I look at this wonderful dog, I realise what a huge gift she is & how incredibly lucky I was to find her.

When I got Tweedle Dum (now Bambi) two months ago, she was about two years old, but behaved like a new born to this world - so shy and scared of everything. I often had to carry her around in my arms and it was like I was making up for the puppyhood with a mummy she never had.

She has now changed into a self-confident, eager for life dog, enjoying every moment to the fullest - whether it's sleeping in my arms or running through nature exploring all the new things in her life"

Huge thanks to Anja for being such a wonderful mother & making Bambi so happy.

Toby finally finds his forever home in the UK

Toby enjoying his new bed.
He's never laid on anything so soft in his life.

Toby lived at the Soi Dog shelter for 6 years until his new mum "Amanda" decided to offer him the home of his dreams. Toby flew to the UK recently & now lives with his sisters Coco & Scarlett in Scotland.

Amanda says "I have so much admiration & love for this boy, I can't tell you. He's been one hardy boy, but no need now....Tobys face & body tells many stories & he'll be spolit all his days. He just wants contact even if it's just leaning or a slight touch & let's you know you've not to stop cuddling him. He loves a tummy rub, bless him. I Love him so very much. Toby really does know he's home"

Toby says "I Love it here, love my new friend Scarlett cause she's a feisty redhead, I'm still with Coco, love my bed & mum loves me so much she cries......I've waited 6 yrs for this & intend to make the most of it.

Lap it up Tobes...your new life has begun.

View our BEAUTIFUL DOGS FOR ADOPTION HERE For more info please email

Supporter of the Month
(Arlette Stuip - Holland)
Arlette with her cats Pookie & Puma

My husband Tom and I were in Khao Lak during the 2004 tsunami and outran the water by a couple of seconds. We wondered what happened to the three-legged beach dog we used to feed. We heard that Soi Dog had found him a home.

We visited Soi Dog which was located in a tiny office. Small rusty cages, filled with dogs, were piled on top of each other. Dogs were lying on the sidewalk, recuperating from surgery. A vet worked in a small room. John drove us to a temple where monks distributed the food he supplied for the dogs living there. We brought a suitcase of treats and had fun feeding the dogs. We made the first donation to John. That was the beginning of a long friendship and partnership. A year later Soi Dog moved to the spacious land they operate in today.

Since then, every year, I meet with 85 ten year-old students at the American school where I teach in Holland. I share the incredible work that John and Gill do. I show them the website, the Asian Woman of the Year TV special about Gill, and pictures of the work the 5th graders have done in previous years. Doctor Anna, a Dutch volunteer Soi Dog vet visits us, as does Som, an orange dog adopted from Soi Dog.

I ask John what is needed most. One year the children raised funds to build a wing for the dogs and bamboo constructions for shade. They funded a wing for the nursing puppies and their moms. Then a shelter for the older shier dogs. They furnished the new cat wing. Last year they funded a dental machine. Every year hundreds of dogs are brought in with dental problems, from getting kicked in the face, maggots eating through cheek infections, etc. Some cannot chew so die of starvation… Typically, each treatment can cost hundreds of dollars. The children work hard to meet this goal.

John and Gill send construction plans and ask for our input, including designs. One boy drew a dog house and a few dozen were built. They always send us photos and letters of thanks which I share with the children. Knowing how much they are a part of every step of the planning empowers them. John makes signs, "Donated by the 5th Graders of the American School" and the children are very proud of these. I tell them: don't wait to become a grown-up before changing the world. It's the kids who adore the animals, so if you don't do this, who will?

We try to find creative ways of getting our money to Soi Dog so that we don't waste money on bank transfers & it allows us to get photos of the hand-over. These photos are used in our final presentation to the middle school. This year, a friend of mine (nervously) flew to Bangkok with the money and gave it at the airport to Anna Olivia, a new student. She flew to Phuket, with her family, with the sole purpose of handing over this money to John. Via these photos, the children always know exactly where the money ends up. They know that John and Gill do not make a salary, every penny is spent on the animals.

I once met Prince Aga Khan at a conference. When I told him that people asked, "Why do you help the animals when there are so many needy people?" he answered: "Arlette, we have one heart. It is the same heart for people as it is for animals." Ever since that day, this has been my answer.

Soi Dog Australia & Soi Dog UK's fundraising frenzy...

Celebrity Kelly Brook supporting the
Soi Dog Charity Event in London

Soi Dog "Jazz" with her mum Khaya
attend the London event
The Soi Dog Australia Frundraiser
raised over forty three thousand dollars

Our wonderful Soi Dog supporters in Australia & the UK are our fundraising super stars. Here's a report on their latest events.

On the 21st July Soi Dog Australia and Dorset Gardens Hotel in Croydon put organised a huge event to raise money for the new Hanako Hospital. Over two hundred & fifty people supported this event . Guest speaker was Mr Phillip Wollen and his wonderful wife Trixie. Ron Prasad was the MC for the night.

A fabulous evening was had by all & included some excellent raffle prizes and auction prizes, a live link up to John and Gill in Thailand & very heart felt video of Hanako presented by Derek and Cindy - there was not a dry eye in the room.

On the night Phillip and Trixie Wollen donated a huge twenty thousand dollars which left everyone speechless, then another wonderful surprise came when the proceeds were counted up raising - just over forty three thousand dollars.

Soi Dog supporter Louise Sandberg organised a fundraising event in London on 11th September. A cocktail reception was held at The George Club in Mayfair, attended by TV celebrity Kelly Brooks and well-known animal lover and Soi Dog supporter, actor Peter Egan. The guests were encouraged to bring along their dogs which certainly made for a very lively and entertaining evening.

Star dogs were Soi Dogs Toto and Jazz (now Daphne). Toto, a rescue from the dog meat trade and Jazz, a tripod from Phuket, were the perfect ambassadors for the Foundation and calmly posed for the photographers. The auction had some fantastic prizes ranging from a weekend at a London boutique hotel to a private polo lesson. The evening was without doubt a great success and raised over four thousand pounds.

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters who keep supporting us, your kindness and generosity was just incredible. Thank you to everyone who helped promote these events.

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